We suggest “your” casino runs for 3 hours of action. Each guest is given a generous amount of Fun Money at the start of the night which they exchange for chips at any table. Our dealers will teach your guests rules of the games and involve them in the action.

After two and a half hours we get the top 8 money winners and any special guests, we start them all off with $2000 in chips and have 7 hands of blackjack dealt, at the end of the 7th hand of blackjack the winner is the person with the most amount of chips and is crowned high roller of the night and given the trophy.

But the action doesn’t finish there. Prizes can be a great way to reward the high rollers and the try hard gamblers, as part of our services we work with you to meet your needs and provide you with the best experience possible, gained from our years of operating fun casinos.

Our croupiers will work for up to three hours as is standard in the fun casino industry. If additional time is required, they will be happy to stay on at an extra charge of $60 + GST per hour per table.